Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Moo-Chi meets the 'Red Dot'

"Something really important and exhilarating has happened today. This was the day I met the 'Red Dot'. Back at the RSPCA I had heard rumours about an elusive Red Dot. It was said that every cat that found a good home would eventually meet the 'Red Dot'. It was also said that it was either going to bring great joy, or become one's downfall. Apparently it has emotionally ruined certain cats. 

Moo-Chi chasing the Red Dot, which was green!

This afternoon I heard the sound of a zipper, then a click and there it was....hovering over the couch, then flying over the surfaces of the room. There was no way I could have mistaken this for anything else...this was the 'Red Dot'. I kept thinking it was a green dot though, however, I'm a feline. This means a truly superior sense of hearing, a great sense of smell, glorious fur (silken to the touch), retractable claws, stunning reflexes, beauty divine, elegance, and, last but not least, a purring-machine included with all this magnificence. Nevertheless, we're not that good with discerning colour. It's something we don't talk about all that much.

So, here I am, running, jumping and flying like crazy after this Red Dot, thundering through the whole of the house with the humans hysterically laughing. For some strange reason, they thought it was funny. The Dot was truly pesky. It would hover, as if trying to tempt me, then fly away at great speed. I would lose it, only to show up near my paw and fly away as soon as I saw it. It made no sound at all, which, given our superior ability to hear, is impressive. (Some people seem to think that dogs have better hearing than us. Let me make it perfectly clear, for once and for all, that this is a fallacy. We cats have MUCH better hearing than dogs!) After a while my movements started to slow and I started to pant. This was hard, very hard. I can understand now how it could become some poor cat's downfall. It has the ability to totally wreck someone's self-esteem. Then I heard the click again, the sound of a zipper and it was gone. With difficulty I dragged myself on the bed and flopped down for a good night sleep. Happy and content knowing I had met the 'Red Dot'. I had found my home."

Note from the Elegant Lady: 'Mooch was actually right. It was a green dot. David, a.k.a. 'The Gentle Man', has a green laser pointer which is zipped in a snug little bag when not being used.'

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