Friday, 17 July 2015

Oh, what a night!

'Oh my, what a night! I just came home from what must have been one of those glorious nights like you experience only a few times in your lifetime. Absolutely perfect! The sun has yet to come up. I reckon I’ll just get a whisker of sleep before breakfast.
We moved house a few months ago, and since we moved in here, I’ve hardly been out at all. Frankly, times have been hard. For some reason They kept me inside or, when I did go outside, I was on a leash. Me! A grown cat! As if I'm an irresponsible kitten. 

(And don't get me started about the time I bungee-jumped off the verandah to catch a bird. To make a long story short: I didn't catch the bird and it was a good thing my leash was made of elastic.... grumble....that was a downer.)

I was also pissed off with Them for taking me away from Catwoman. They called it ‘moving-into-a-new-place’. Well, new is not always better; any feline can tell you that. However, I needed some time to get used to this new place - its occupants and its smells. You know the routine - find out where I can hide, where I can sleep, and where I can just simply watch the world go by. I have come to the conclusion that there is no real danger for me here, although it has taken a while.
On the whole, like any other self-respecting feline, I like to be safe and have my routine. Any deviation from that routine can cause some upset. But there are times when my old blood sings; when nature and adventure beckon. The lure of the wild, the need to run, the desire to rekindle the ferocity of my feline ancestors, (or even my current African cousins.)
Tonight was the night, deep within my bones, I sensed the call.
I was prepared. I waited for someone to open the back door and I slipped through as they entered.
And then I ran. I ran free, unbridled, unrestricted, unfettered. I had the night to myself. I had the time to do all things feline. I ran some more, I stalked, I sniffed, I climbed a tree, I jumped down, climbed another, crept along a branch, slid down its bark and back to the ground. Up again, on to a wall, a ledge and then: a roof! And then another roof. Freedom. Freedom is cool. I like rooftops too. I like to dash over tiles or wobbly metal. Too fast for the neighbour's cat. He’s such a dork anyway…. 

At various times during the night I heard The Elegant Lady calling my name. She even rattled the box with my favourite biscuits. Last night however, her tricks were not going to work on me….

I came home on my own account; which was about five minutes ago. The Elegant Lady was ever so happy to see me. I only had to meow once before she let me in. Consequently, she cuddled me and gave me biscuits. Amazing! Even the Humans behaved themselves perfectly tonight! 
I can now curl up in my favourite spot and close those peepers for a while!'

To be continued....