Thursday, 8 October 2015

Oh, what a night, II

 …a bit later:

I’m slowly waking up. My body feels heavy and sleepy; my paws slightly sore. I’m basking in the afterglow of a fantastic night. Memories of a Great Hunt, some awesome stalking and images of me running over moon-lit rooftops are gently floating through my mind. I purr at the thought of them.
In the background I can hear the humans talking. They are probably drinking their cup of coffee to help them wake up. As I am picking up snippets of their conversation, a slight sense of discomfort is creeping in. 
What are they saying? 
Are they actually talking about ME? 
Yes, I think they are.
My discomfort increases, with a big dollop of astonishment. That beautiful sense of peace and contentment I had is completely shattered as I slowly comprehend what they are talking about.....

Apparently, The Elegant Lady was crying in her midnight-cup-of-tea; thinking I was lost. (Eh, since when is she even awake at midnight, let alone drink a cup of tea?)

She then walked in the backyard in her nighty, rattling my biscuit box. (Yes, I heard her. I wasn’t hungry.)

The Gentle Man woke up as well and together they walked along the main road in their dressing gowns – looking for the body of a dead, black cat….. (WHAAAT?!?! ME?!?! Don’t they know I have nine lives?)

They were freaking out because it is such a busy road. (No, not at night, that is.)

Boy, they are a bunch of worrywarts; not to mention spoilsports.
Not a word to me like: ‘Did you have good night?’. Or: ‘My, you look satisfied.’ How about: ‘Did you clear this area of pesky rodents? Good boy!’ (All accompanied by a little tickle under my chin.)
No. Not a word of appreciation. No cuddles either. Instead, She is complaining about the lack of sleep and He is comforting Her. They both thought they lost me. They thought I was either dead or locked in someone’s garage, never to return.
Just as I think I’ve had enough of all this rubbish, He turns to me and gives me a pat on the head. ‘Glad you’re back Mooch, glad you’re back’, he says.

Humans. Can’t live without them I guess….