The journey started with Ivette, a.k.a. The Elegant Lady and David, a.k.a. The Gentle Man, both longing for a cat of their own. One weekend she and David trotted off to the local RSPCA in Brisbane. Just to have a look. However, they fell in love with a black kitten who was terribly cute, and, well, can we say, assertive. There was no way they were going to leave the RSPCA without him. Paperwork was filled, and their rent-money for that week quickly disappeared. 
Ivette is an artist, born in Holland and trained in fine art at the highly regarded Minerva Academy in Groningen. No surprise that she felt inspired by this affectionate and curious little kitten. With no formal (or informal for that matter) training in writing, she plunged into her 'pet project', with The English Gentle Man helping with editing (and adding an occasional joke). So was born, the 'Moo-Chi diaries'. Hope you enjoy it as much as Ivette enjoys writing and illustrating it.
Moo-Chi, hogging Ivette's computer

When Ivette is not writing and illustrating The Moo-Chi Diaries, she is actually making Serious Art (ho-hum, paintings in acrylics and/or oils, as well as commissioned portraits). She writes about that creative process, and it's results, in a blog called 'PachionArt'.    www.Pachionart.blogspot.com

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