Thursday, 12 September 2013

Meet the Gang at Bat End!

Another beautiful day at Bat End. The Elegant Lady takes me for a tour around the place. First I meet the chickens. They all stay together, except for one, Ginger Chicken. She is a big chicken; much bigger than me, and I’m told she pumps out a large egg every day. All the other chickens are smaller and so intimidated by the size of her eggs, they are all off the lay. I don’t care about her eggs. I’m intimidated by her, full stop! She’s big!

Next thing I see is a bird who is MUCH bigger than Ginger Chicken. He has HUGE feathers that are insanely coloured. I was intimidated before, now I’m downright nervous, but the Elegant Lady holds me tight and talks to me softly. She says his name is Gonzo. He is a peacock, and because he is so beautiful he is also called Pretty Boy. Well, he is sure showing off his feathers. Catwoman loves him, not for his feathers though, but because he kills snakes. I’m also told a snake can kill me, so I should leave Gonzo alone and treat him with respect.

There are also a few peahens with Gonzo, and one of them has two pea-chicks. The female is not as big as Gonzo, but she is still HUGE; about three times the size of Ginger chicken. The two pea-chicks however, are exactly my size. They are called Pixie and Punky because they have funky little mowhawks on their heads. The Elegant Lady tells me they are NOT a tasty variety of KFC, and I should leave them alone. Their mother will get very angry if I misbehave. Indeed she looks like a Big, Mean Mamma. Pity…I could have had some fun with them.

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