Saturday, 23 November 2013

Kin Kin, where bigger is better!

"So, we finally went to Kin Kin. I was told when I arrived at Bat End that we have a beautiful place in the country, and that we will be travelling there and back again every week. As the time moved closer, the Elegant Lady packed more and more stuff. Humans really seem to have a lot of stuff. They seem to think they can't live without it. The Gentle Man was noticeably excited. So, Kin Kin seemed like a truly mysterious place, where life must be really good. What was a mystery to me is the name. It's the same word twice. Isn't 'Kin' enough? Or 'Double Kin'? What about 'Two Kins'? I figured there might be a reason for it, and I was about to find out.

The car was packed, my Humans excited, and I got strapped in my harness and taken in the car. Did-Not-Like-It. There was a rasping roar, everything started to wobble, and suddenly the trees were shaking again. Elegant Lady took me on her lap, and held me tight. It calmed me and eventually I think I must have fallen asleep because in the next moment we were arriving at Kin Kin, and I was introduced to my second new home. And it was BIG! I raced around, skidded over the tiles and flew straight into the fly-screen! It's all HUGE. Call me 'Lord-of-the-Fly-screen'. The rooms are bigger, the bed is bigger, the screens are fantastic! Even my food bowl is bigger, and my litter-box... actually, after a second glance I realise that my litter-box is exactly the same. Different colour maybe, not too sure about that. Apart from that I started to have an inkling as to why my Humans look so happy. Bigger must be Better!

Something strange happened the next day. I was snuggled up beside them on a bench. Before us is this BIG table. Did I mention the table is bigger too? Well, it is. Moreover, from the bench it's only a little stretch for me to get up there. I can see the whole room. The Elegant Lady came in with a roast chicken. Both my Humans go 'Oooh' and 'Aaah' over the scent. I couldn't agree more. I hop onto the table (not even a jump) and check it out. 'Noooo'. 'Mooch, stay away!' The Gentle Man's voice is not so gentle anymore. 'Huh?' 'You mean, Me?' 'You actually mean that I can't be here and can't have chicken?' I was actually whisked off the table. Not just whisked, scruffed like a naughty kitten. I am still utterly confused. I can be on a bench, but not on a table? What is the difference between this surface and that surface? It's easy to reach. Meaning, if I can reach it, it's my territory. More importantly, you tell me all day how utterly adorable I am, you want me to be part of this family, but I can't join you for dinner and have this chicken? It must be human logic. Fortunately, not much later some chicken appeared in my 'bigger-and-better bowl'. After that I fell asleep on the 'bigger-and-better' bed.
I was reflecting on the Kin Kin mystery on the way back home in the wobbly car. It struck me that everything was bigger and better in Kin Kin (except the litterbox). One 'Kin' simply won't cover it, so it's doubled up. Yes, I think that's a reasonable explanation. Mystery solved with some furry logic. Now I can go back to sleep!"

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