Wednesday, 18 June 2014

This is the day I ALMOST caught a bird....

"This is a very special day. This is the day I almost caught a bird. To be more precise, I actually CAUGHT a bird. I've caught plenty of flies in the past. In fact, it is some kind of specialty of mine, but today I caught an actual bird. They are WAY bigger than flies. I was sooo close.. It was so exciting; a real adrenaline rush. The Elegant Lady (EL) and The Gentle Man (GM) are very proud of me. They've been praising and petting me, telling me how wonderful I am. Rightly so. Nevertheless, I have this strange, niggling feeling that something is wrong. I just can't put my paw on it. Maybe if I write the story as it happened, I can make some sense of it.

This morning the EL and GM had breakfast outside. It was a beautiful morning and I was scouting the area. This is MY territory and I need to know what's going on. There were some birds nesting in the thick grass by a small pond near the house. The grass is so high and thick, it is hard for me to enter, but easy for them to hide in. However, I am patient. I did notice some movement, and I waited. 

Mooch, not-so-cute anymore....
Patience is a virtue. It paid off. One of the birds moved and came close. I grabbed him, quick as a flash. Quite a mouthful actually, especially compared to a fly. As I walked back to EL and GM, I saw their eyes widen. Then the Lady said gently: 'Hi Mooch, what have you got?' I opened my mouth just a fraction wider to tell her what I've done, and the bird flew off! Eh? What?! I regained my focus while the bird looked rather disoriented. The next sequence of events are still very difficult to comprehend. It all happened so fast. 
I think it went like this:

I dashed for the bird - 
GM reached out and scruffed me. (NOT helpful) - 
I'm in the thick of a chase here, and wriggle free - 
Ran after the bird (again) - 
I was gaining; getting closer and closer - 
I heard EL shout: 'MOOOOOOCH!' 
I gave her a quick look. Just a fraction of a second. She's cheering me on, right? -
Bird gone. He flew up to a power-line.
There I sat, panting and slightly disappointed. The Elegant Lady and the Gentle Man came up to me and told me how wonderful I am. They were all smiles and praise. He picked me up the way I like it (no scruffing this time) and they both admired and stroked me. With all this lavish admiration my confusion just melted away. Of course, I am a glorious feline. It's in our blood.
Now, a few hours later, I am still pleased. It's just this strange, inexplainable feeling. Like something is wrong. But it can't be. I guess I'd better let my sentiments be known for some more biscuits, (surely I deserve some extra), a massage, (you can NEVER go wrong with them), do some grooming and have a snooze. That is a fail-safe recipe for feeling better. Because I should be feeling great. I should, shouldn't I?"  

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