Thursday, 20 March 2014

Muppet and Weasel, part 2

"Muppet and Weasel don't love me. I'm huddling in the granny-flat, licking the scratches Muppet gave me. They hurt. His nails went actually in my skin. I'm confused. I don't know what went wrong. Let's backtrack. A few days ago, I finally met the other two cats for the first time. I had been looking forward to it. However, they didn't quite react the way I expected. Nothing bad happened, but in hindsight, I can say that they were NOT happy to see me. Also, in hindsight, I realize the value of a screen door! 
So, the other night The Elegant Lady went to the big house, where Catwoman and the other two cats live. The Lady and I like Catwoman. I was hoping for one of her wonderful cuddles, so I followed The Lady. When I got to the house, the screen-door was closed. It kept me out on the verandah. I was mewing to get their attention to let me in, when suddenly Muppet appeared. He was sitting right in front of me on the other side of the screen. He looked startled. The Elegant Lady had told me he has a permanently startled look on his face, but soon his eyes narrowed and he started to growl. He didn't look startled anymore, but angry and menacing instead. It's not something I've encountered before. So, to remedy the situation, I'm putting my front-paws on the screen and make my cutest chirrup. I'm letting him know in very simple cat-terms that I want to be his friend. It doesn't seem to work though. He's giving no indication that he wants to play.
By now, Weasel noticed something was going on and spotted me. She, too, looked completely stunned. As if this was something that was not supposed to happen. Then she walked over and joined Muppet. 
They sat side by side, their narrowed eyes fixed on me. She too, didn't look like she wanted to play. The word 'menacing' again springs to mind. Both Catwoman and The Elegant Lady had told me the two cats didn't get along, but to me, they looked very much united. United against me, I realize now. I think I made a few more chirrups, but since they didn't respond, I got bored. 

Muppet went on-and-on with his growling, one long monotonous sound while Weasel just sat beside him. I didn't feel threatened, because they didn't do anything. The just looked frozen. Then, something caught my attention. A leaf. It rustled by in the wind. Now, I'm a kitten; Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is my natural state. Anything that moves fascinates me. It needs to be inspected, pounced upon, clawed and chewed. The world is my playground. Finally something to play with. So, I was happily playing with the leaf while Muppet was still growling in the background. Weasel had lost interest by now. She too, realized there was a screen separating us. She gave me a look that said: 'I'll get you later', and walked off. Finally The Elegant Lady said her goodbyes, and took me home.

That was a few days ago. This morning I met Muppet again. Outside. Without The Screen Door. Like The Lady said, 'He is a handsome male, with a wonderful fluffy tail.' He was again looking at me. Growling. (Eh? Has he actually stopped since we last met? Doesn't look like it.) Meanwhile, his tail swished from side to side. Being the ADD kitten that I am, I ignored the growling, and got completely hypnotized by the tail. I just couldn't contain myself. If something moves, it must be there to entertain me, so I wiggled my bum, focussed, and WHAM! I pounced. 
Muppet was furious. He let me know in no uncertain terms, with tooth and claw, that I am not to play with his tail. In fact, he doesn't want me to come near him at all, and he certainly isn't here to entertain me. 
Now I'm in the granny-flat, licking my fur. Both my humans have tried to comfort me, but to no avail. I just don't know what hit me. On second thoughts, I do know who hit me. Muppet. The unimaginable has happened: he and Weasel don't love me." 

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